Dactyl in action!

So now that the final build is just about upon us, I thought it’d be useful to actually show you all what Dactyl can do – and how it can help improve the learning experience of those studying osteology.

So I boldly went over to ScreenR to record some mini-skeletal anatomy movies for you all to watch. They’re fun and educational. They’re fun-ducational! I’m pretty sure that word is now going to catch on fast…

So, you should scoot over here if you want to see them.

Body location and recovery short course

So, we have now just about recovered from running the Teesside/Durham Universities short course on ‘body location and recovery in the forensic context’. It’s an intensive 4 days, but it’s such a great course to run as the delegates are always wonderful and come from such a range of backgrounds.

Anyway, the course is really hands-on, and it’s designed for people with little or no osteological experience. This means we need to teach some basic bone stuff. This means we need ‘Dactyl‘! This was the first time that we used the software in a proper teaching context, and it worked like a charm. Explaining the complex anatomy of the temporal bone was a breeze and it was great to be able to pull up examples of arthritis or burning as we were speaking about it too. The students found it really useful, and the other teaching staff were demanding it for the start of term. What a great test of the software.

More models on the way!

We’re really excited to see how the new models are coming along. We’re working on some vertebrae and an adult hip bone. They looking good and should be ready to use in the next week or so, which is great. We’ve also tweaked the viewer software and have just taken possession of a new laser scanner! Exciting stuff so keep an eye on us over the summer…

An EPICC day…

So, today we’ve been at the EPICC (Enhancing Practice and Innovation Centre for Care) Innovation Market Place showing off our shiny new Dactyl models and bespoke viewer. It’s an event for those working in the clinical setting and we’re keen to demo our product to show how useful it would be here too.

The delegates have been playing with the models and giving us some great feedback – so now all we need to do is get some of you teaching with them!