BABAO 2015 in Sheffield

This year, the BABAO conference was hosted by the Department of Archaeology at the University of Sheffield. One of the talks was by Alison Atkin. She gave a great talk, which we really enjoyed, but she also highlighted anthronomics as one of the few osteology companies which explicitly state the ethics and standards that it adheres too. We’re delighted to be recognized for this, because it is such an important part of our ethos.

The conference was also the stimulant for the new Working Group for Best Practice in Digital Osteology – which is an important step forward for the field.

Dactyl is live!

Hello again!

First off, sorry for the silence. We’ve been working hard putting the final touches onto our Dactyl Viewer and models and that’s been keeping us off the internet. Well, it’s been keeping us off this site – we’re still totally addicted to Buzzfeed.

Anyway, we hope you agree that it has all been worth it. Dactyl has now launched on the Apple iPad App Store and is available for purchase and use. It’s already been downloaded in Europe and the US, and we’re really excited to hear how it’s being used in the classroom.

Viewer in action, with pins added.
Viewer in action, with pins added.

We have great plans for this app, so do let us know what features and models you’d like to see. We’re off now to prep for the upcoming BABAO conference where we’ll be showing off a bit. Right after we figure out which ‘Bake Off’ contestant we are