Arm-ed and dangerous…

So, now that we’re up-and-running with Dactyl, and people are using it, it’s time to add to our bone packs and increase the reference collection that is available to you all. But the fun thing is, we’ve not decided yet what to scan and model. We’re crazy like that… We’ve had some requests though, and that’s totally how we want this to work. You tell us what you want, and we’ll whip them up for you. Then we’ll be BFFs!

The first request to be modelled is the upper limb. One of our users felt that this would really help his anatomy teaching, we totally agree. Our team are now in the midst of making his digitisation dreams a reality! We’ll even give him this pack for free, seeing as it was his idea.

We’ve had other good suggestions come into anthronomics HQ too, so if you’ve got something that in mind that would help your teaching – just let us know!

Happy first (month) anniversary!

Well, Dactyl has been live on the Apple iPad App Store for a month now, and it’s been a really exciting time. After the years of research and development, it’s wonderful to see people download the app and the additional bone packs. Speaking of which, the trauma one seems to be the most popular!

Oh, and super congratulations to Alison Atkin and A. Jay van der Reijden who won the best poster and podium presentations prizes at the BABAO conference in Durham this month. Each wonderful student picked up a huge pile of anthropologically-related goodies, including copies of Dactyl! Well done guys!

Now that the university terms are starting up again, we’re hoping that even more people will want to use Dactyl for learning about skeletal anatomy! We’d love to hear from you if you are using it! We may even put a picture of you on our website – you gorgeous creature you!