animEXPO-sing ourselves…

Phew! We have officially survived the animEXPO event yesterday. The event was organised by the guys at Digital City Innovation and formed part of the excellent animex festival. The theme of the session was the confluence of gaming technologies with other areas and disciplines – obviously something very close to our heart.

We were in incredible company there, with speakers from the awesome Rhythm and Hues (who did that tiger in Life of Pi), Epic and Atomhawk. If you play games a lot, then this is a group of guys to get you super-geeked out. Our talk was on the development of our Dactyl range, and we spoke a bit about the lack of digital technologies in our field, how they’re not been used to their full potential before, and the advantage of linking academic requirements with a gaming experience. We also handed round the new iPad version of the Dactyl range, which went down really well.

The launch is almost here… I’m very excited.