Dactyl up-and-running at UCL!

We’re always really delighted to hear about how people are using Dactyl – whether in research, teaching or as an interesting activity to do while on the loo – and the feedback is so useful for our development team. This week, we heard from Sherry¬†Nakhaeizadeh, a PhD candidate down in the¬†UCL Department of Security and Crime Science. Here’s what she said:

“I have just started using Dactyl as a tool for part of my PhD work as it allows me to access materials at any time and in any location to study realistic examples of bones. As a newly started PGTA, Dactyl gives me an opportunity to use it as part of my teaching materials in a practical and fun way that is of a very high quality and aids learning in an interactive way through 3D digital osteology.”

This is exactly what we hoped Dactyl would do, so for the moment, we’re totally pleased with ourselves… High fives all round at anthronomics Towers! Let us know your Dactyl stories too!