buy our stuff!

if you like what you see, and you think it’ll help you in your work, why not buy it! It’ll make you feel better…

So how does it work then? Well, it’s simple. You simply buy the Dactyl viewer from the Apple App Store. At the moment it works on iPads, but the Android version will be out soon. With the bespoke viewer you get three complicated bones which we know are always hard to teach – the innominate, the temporal and a lumbar vertebra. Then you can buy additional bones in packs. These aren’t very expensive and each pack contains a range of bones along a theme (such as traumatic injuries, or juvenile bones). The Dactyl Viewer will allow you to do many lovely things with the models. You can spin them, zoom in and out, and even stick little pins in them and add extra information. Remember – these are proper 3D models, not fixed animations or photos stitched together. We wouldn’t do that to you – we love you too much! When you buy additional packs they just download and pop themselves into your Viewer software on their own (it’s really rather clever…). And that’s it! Create the skeletal collection that you want and need yourselves!

Usually you would buy Dactyl as an individual, but if you are institution we can work something out – just drop us a line!

You can expand and develop your skeletal collection as you see fit. To do this you just download the bone packs you like the look of as in-app purchases within the Dactyl Viewer. The currently available bone packs are detailed below:

Basic trauma – 4 models (poorly healed humerus, well healed fibula, burned ulna, compressed vertebra) – £2.29

Basic pathologies – 2 models (syphilitic parietal, arthritic patella) – £2.29

Non-adult – 2 models (femur, ilium) – £2.29